Valentine’s Day Love to You

christinarossetti147534 from brainyquote Today, know that you are loved, and love yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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3 Responses to Valentine’s Day Love to You

  1. catnipoflife says:



  2. jamesabresco says:

    A Question of Love.
    Love—how easily we fall into love.

    How how easily we fall into love and,how quickly we rush forward fully expecting joy and happiness at every turn. What folly, and what on earth possesses the human spirit to risk all on just a whim? When love arrives it offers us no guarantees of happiness, on the contrary; tears and heartache seem to be the norm, after all its part of the package that love has to offer, although, it’s when love dies that we suffer the most. But does love really die? I don’t think that love just winks out like a light being clicked off; not in the normal scheme of things, rather, love gets put to one side; as one would do with a unfinished novel, and then, forgotten whilst the daily rigors of everyday life demand our attentions, and therein lies the problem; because love, all enduring love, also needs a great deal of our attention, if it is to thrive…

    “Opening her eyes again, and seeing her husband’s face across the table, she leaned forward to give it a pat on the cheek, and sat down to supper, declaring it to be the best face in the world.” Charles Dickens, from Our Mutual friend.

    James A Bresco
    Authors and Writers Blog


    • Susan says:

      Thanks for your comment and visit, James. Love may be folly and it may be a risk, but in my view, it’s a risk worth taking. I love the quote by Charles Dickens. All the best to you.


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